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Mad Hadder Band. That's us. We've been rocking Central Florida for 8 years. The first few we spent trying to get it right - the right songs, the right sound, building the PA, the lights, and finding just the right mix of players. We have been blessed to share the stage with some exceptional musicians. We have learned much and forged some lasting friendships. Thank you All!!!.

But lets meet the band...
















About the Players...

     Michael Rettig 

 Vocals, Lead Guitar    

       & Sound


     Brian "WTF" Jones         Bassist extraordinaire

             Say Hello!

         Cate Rettig

    Vocals. Electric &

     Acoustic Guitars                                    

           John Chretien

       Skills. Mad Skills.

     Welcome Back John!

As you can see, there have been a few changes. As with everything, change happens. Welcome back to the fold, John Chretien. Also please welcome Brian Jones, an extraordinary player.  New songs, new players! Feels good to be working hard at new challenges. Of course, please bear with us as we get dialed in! So far, it's working out very well! Booked into June 2018, we're finding our groove and are absolutely having a good time.  We hope that you are enjoying as well, because without all of you, it just wouldn't be the same. Of course, we'd like to wish our former band mates all the best.  

So keep an eye out for even more changes as we give Mad Hadder a little rest and introduce September Dogs to the world.  Same eclectic, rocking music, but so far, 30 new songs.  We're excited! And no worries, we listened and kept your favs!

Share a shot with us, a hug, a handshake, a moment...It's ALL FANTASTIC!!

The Universe smiles on us now and we're taking what it's giving us, because tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. So Lets ROCK \m/ \m/

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